Create a Bespoke Office Space with Rigid Industries

Business owners spend thousands for establishing their business and taking it ahead. Thy meticulously works on all aspects of it, from getting clients to setting up the best team, but they often forget the one most important aspect of a business, and that it an office space. Therefore, before deciding on any kind of office furniture, it is very important that we judge the ergonomics, usability and durability of the furniture. We at Rigid Industries, offer you customized office furniture that is fit for any workplace.

Step 1: Figuring The Needs

The right office desk and proper workstation can make your work go much smoother and the wrong desk can make it miserable. Even if you think any flat desk, where you can place your computer will suffice, don’t ignore the ergonomics and comfort while choosing the right office desk, after all, you have to use it for a long time.

At an average, an office desk is a 30-inch high, built to suit the average person. But not for anyone, if you blessed with a good height or are on a shorter side than the average desk will not work for you. In this scenario, you should opt for height adjustable desk. A height adjustable desk is similar to your regular desk, but with height adjusting option, that allows you to choose the height, that is suitable for you.

Step 2: Narrowing On Details

While choosing the perfect desk for you, you also have to keep in mind your working habits. Are you a neat freak type, with perfect organised skills, or creative – messy types, with files and folders scattered on the desk. If you are from the later kind, then you need a bigger desk for you, to accommodate your computer and other belongings. For that, you can opt for L-shape desk. The L-shape desk does not require much of floor shape but has plenty of cabinets and space to accommodate all your knick knacks.

Step 3: Finding The Right Fit:

After narrowing on the ergonomic and use of the desk, you then have to figure out the look. If you have a modern, contemporary look going on, you should opt for steel desk, which looks clean and smart and is also durable. On the other hand, if you have a vintage style decor, with the wooden scheme, then one can choose pedestal desk. Single pedestal desk has a classic, official look to it, which is attractive as well as practical.

If you have to figure out which office desk you desire, then make your way to Rigid Industries. The largest furniture manufacturer in Dubai, Rigid Industries has mastered the art of office desking, providing you with the perfect office desk, every time. Not just office desks, we also offer steel storage cabinets, lateral filing cabinet, steel domestic cupboard with 2 doors that compliments your office desk to the T.

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