Decorative Glass Products in Interior Designing by Rigid Industries

When it comes to interior designing, viagra buy homeowners, designers, stylists are constantly looking for new elements to incorporate into the décor, to give it a distinctive look. One such element that is fuss-free, yet stylish & affordable is glass. Glass is not only used to cover outside of a space, it can also be thoughtfully incorporated in the interiors, to give it a bespoke look. The subtle, classy qualities of glass perfectly combine with other materials like wood, brick, metal & concrete, and create a beautiful space which is in-sync.


Be it plain glass or decorative glass, designed glass can create wonders in any space, by creating an illusion of larger space, bringing in optimum light and also add color to your dull space. Another way is to use textured glass bricks to build walls inside their homes, to create a partition that allows transparent obscurity, letting light in without losing the divisive aspect of a wall. Glass can come in several forms from glazing, to counter tops and decorative walls. One can incorporate designed glass in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens;staircase; even glass flooring & glass wall ceiling are a huge trend in interior designing. Its durability, longevity, easy maintenance and timeless aesthetic, makes glass the ideal solution for today’s interior finishing requirements.


If you are looking to use glass in a trendy, innovative & upscale way in your homes, then Rigid Industries – the leading furniture & decorative glass manufacturers in Dubai, is the right choice for you. Rigid Industries’ wide range of decorative glass products like – fused glass, back-splash glass work, stained glass work, painted glass & much more can be beautifully used in your decor to give your space an attractive look. Rigid Industries also master in sandblasted glass work in Dubai, skylights glass work in Dubai, shower enclosures glass work in Dubai, glass table tops work in Dubai, painted glass work in Dubai, designed mirrors glass work in Dubai, provide you with innovative & effective solutions, that ensure style with functionality.


To incorporate decorative glasses in your space, or to create customize glass products; contact the leading design glass manufacturers in Dubai – Rigid Industries; Call at 971-6-557 0701, Email:, Website:

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