A Definitive Guide About Fire Resistant Safes - Cost, Installation & Benefits
Fire Resistant Safes

A Definitive Guide About Fire Resistant Safes – Cost, Installation & Benefits

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The safes are quite a convenient option for you to secure your valuable items and protect them from any kinds of uncertain events and mishappenings like- fire, burglary, etc. As safety is an essential element to worry about, here is a definitive fire resistant safes-guide to help you choose the right safes that suit your needs well. 

The safes are considered as a more reliable and convenient option than the locker banking services as it gives you total control over your crucial items like jewelry and cash. You can choose to keep it at home or the office to protect from thefts or fire accidents. The fire safes are not only limited to storing cash and jewelry, but it can also be used to protect your confidential document and digital mediums like- CD, Pen Drive, Hard-Drives, etc. It is also quite important to understand the safety needs to protect your items from such events.

Understanding Safety Concerns Before buying Fire Safe

In order to clarify your doubts linked to safety concerns, The safes with fire resistance capability can protect objects from any kind of fire mishaps. In terms of accessing the market, there are a variety of safes available in the market which comes with numerous features but it is quite difficult to judge the quality and safety assurance. It is always recommended to choose the right kind of safes to make sure that your important items are protected well. You also need to check the fire rating and other basic compliance’s as per the item specifications to know whether it delivers the right kind of safety or not.

Why Fire Resistant Safes are beneficial for home and offices?

The fire resistant safes come with added features to ensure that fire hazard should not compromise with the evaluability of your precious objects. It is quite apt to use it for the purpose of securing your documents at your office. The fire safes can also be used in the home to store important and crucial objects.

How to Choose the Fire Resistant Safes

Worried about choosing the right safes? There are various factors that determine the quality of the fire-resistant safes.

Fire Safety Tests Ensures the Capability of Fire Resistance

The fire resistant safes mostly relies upon the fire safety guidelines and ratings that are issued as per the accordance of international standards. There are different levels that examine the fire rating of safes which are as follows:

  • Explosion Test: It aims towards testing the safes during the instances of highly explosive scenarios. It ensures that fire resistance safes don’t get explode in the scenario of extreme temperatures or massive fires.
  • Fire Endurance Check: It checks the endurance of safes to withstand during the instance of fire during different intervals. 
  • Drop Tests in Case of Fire in Large Buildings: It checks for the capability of handling pressure if dropped to a solid surface from a certain level of height.




Fire Rating is Essential

The fire rating ensures the level of temperature or heat that a fire-resistant safe can tolerate. It usually varies upon the duration of time and temperature. It also takes care of the various aspects of the internal temperature of the safe cabinet to ensure that the items stored in safe are protected well. The minimum recommended fire safes rating can tolerate the 1-2 hours of the fire. 

Buying a Fire Resistant Safes? Check Your Requirements

The fire safes come in different ratings and might also differ in pricing and features. It is always recommended to ensure your requirements before buying any kind of safes for your home or office. As all kinds of safes might be suitable for different needs, it is crucial to check what kind of security level it can offer to your invaluable objects. It should also be considered whether you want to store paper documents and cash or also want to store digital mediums or devices which might need a higher level or rating to assure more fire resistance. 

Security Mechanism

It is also important to consider the safes with the varied lock options to ensure an added layer of security to the safes. It should also consist of various alarm mechanism to notify you about any suspicious activity. The lock contributes to an essential factor for ensuring a high level of security in your fire safes.

Installing a Fire Resistant Safe

The fire resistant safes can be installed easily on walls or under-floor surfaces as per your needs and requirements. Here are a few things to take care of in order to install a safe.


  1. Hire Expert to Install Safe: The fire safes should be only installed by a professional expert to ensure the reliability of fittings. It might also get tricky in cases where you want to mount it into the wall surface or cabinets.
  2. Choose Suitable Location: It is always recommended to choose a suitable location at your home or office to install fire-resistant safes. It should be installed in a dedicated room or space to ensure the privacy and safety of your valuables.
  3. Installing in Floor or Walls: The safes are generally installed through the help of bolts in walls or floor surface. It can also be fixed inside the walls like cabinets. You can choose the option as per your convenience and safety. Installation might also vary as per the shape and size of the safe.

Costs of Fire Resistant Safe

The costs of fire-resistant safes in the USA may vary as per the features it offers. It usually starts from USD $500 and may go up to $1000 and above depending upon the utility and requirements. The cost generally also depends upon the size of the fire safe. It also depends if it offers additional features such as waterproof, combination locks, weight, etc. 

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