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    Interiors &
    Joinery Division

    Our designers understand your visions and make it their mission to create bespoke interior designs for you, giving fruition to your dream projects. Our craftsmen pay attention to minute details, crafting fully functional and aesthetic art pieces for you.

    Interiors &
    Joinery Division

    Our designers understand your visions and make it their mission to create bespoke interior designs for you, giving fruition to your dream projects. Our craftsmen pay attention to minute details, crafting fully functional and aesthetic art pieces for you.

    Bespoke Furniture

    Rigid Industries FZC, a renowned UAE-based stainless steel furniture manufacturer, is proud to introduce our premium smart lockers designed for both commercial and personal use. As experienced smart locker manufacturers, we understand the importance of security and convenience in today's fast-paced world, which is why our lockers are crafted with utmost precision and care.

    Our smart lockers for everyone are a perfect fit for a variety of applications, from personal employee lockers in offices to commercial smart lockers in gyms, schools, and other public spaces. These lockers offer enhanced security, easy access, and a sleek design, making them a preferred choice for businesses and individuals alike.

    We believe that personal & staff lockers should be both functional and visually appealing. Our customisable smart lockers are available in a range of sizes, materials, and finishes, allowing you to create a locker system tailored to your unique requirements. Our lockers for commercial spaces are designed to blend seamlessly with any interior style while providing a durable, secure storage solution.

    Choose Rigid Industries FZC for all your sheet metal and smart locker needs. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted name in the industry. With our premium smart lockers, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your valuables are safe and secure.

    Cable Tray

    Cable Tray System is an assembly of Metallic Cable Tray Sections and accessories that forms a rigid structural system to support cables.


    As technology advances, so too does the need for effective support systems. Today industries and buildings are moving more and more towards automation. Cable tray system is to support insulated electrical cables used for power distribution, control, and communication.

    Domestic Cupboard

    In today’s modern society more and more house owners are expressing their huge interest in buying domestic steel cupboard in Dubai at Rigid Industries, due to their exquisite influence. Not only are steel cupboards extremely durable, but they are solid and beautiful as well. It looks appealing and amazing when the house room décor accentuates the steel cupboard.

    We are the Wardrobe manufacturer in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, sell a wide variety of items in the steel cupboard category at Rigid Industries, ranging from traditional, new, modern and antique, with and without a mirror, multiple shelves, with safe lock, and many more types.

    Wardrobe Manufacturer In Dubai

    These cupboards are designed specifically with dense sheet metal of great quality to organize all your stuff. These steel cupboards are fitted with several racks, with their storage smash, which will never bother you. What’s more, you can arrange your expensive belongings conveniently in the lock and key field. The grey shade of these cupboards suits your room decor well. With a simple assembly, these cupboards are sure to bring a vintage feel to your home.

    Our creative designers and highly trained engineers work together to ensure that tasks are finished within budget, done professionally with the highest of standards, and to obtain the pleasure of all our valued customers on time.

    False Ceiling

    The system is a range of square clip in metal tiles with concealed grid system. Clip in system offers simple and easy access for maintenance and installation without using special tool.

    Decorative perforated wall panels used to enhance exterior and interior spaces. Wall Cladding can be done in both residential and commercial spaces, made to Client’s specifications for Design and Colour.
    What is the purpose of wall cladding?
    We all work on getting good and robust interiors. By Wall Cladding Manufacturer In Dubai, we mean making the existing interiors strong. By cladding, the exteriors will become vital as well as look more decorative and astonishing than before. Cladding is a process by which the building will remain protected from the harsh environment outside.
    What are the different types of wall cladding?
    The different types of Wall Cladding Manufacturer In Sharjah which are as follows. Other materials used can include stone, Vinyl, Aluminium, Wooden, Brick, Fiber Cement, Stainless Steel Cladding etc.
    What is considered to be the best cladding?
    Cladding as a process is perfect. It has different ranges and varieties. One of the best-recommended cladding can include heat-treated timbers. Using excellent wood can consist of the body, Accoya etc. Due to the heat created, the moisture content is reduced, and as a result, the wood becomes stable.
    Is the cladding considered to be a good idea?
    Yes, Wall Cladding Manufacturer In Abu Dhabi is considered to be a good idea. To build any hold over a property, an external layer will give a strong base. There will be good insulation. An excellent thermal performance of the building will be ensured.
    What is suitable wall cladding when it comes to the home?
    While the home is considered, there are different options like brick wall cladding, Timber clad, Lightweight brick etc. Try these and get a fantastic exterior outskirt.

    Filing Cabinets

    A known brand in the furniture industry is Rigid Industries. At a very inexpensive price, the company sells a comprehensive selection of stainless steel office cabinets. You will keep your precious belongings well-arranged, safe, and coordinated with these storage units.

    We have a huge collection of stainless steel office cabinets to choose from according to your requirements. Some of our major projects in this category are big height and low height, two, three, and four drawers, plain and curved, with steel and wooden fronts, and many more. These storage cabinets are with flexible racks, multiple shelving units, made of industrial-strength material.

    Rigid Industries office furniture is sure to have a more structured workspace with a vast selection of office cabinets with drawers. With numerous different options, selecting the one that fits your style and budget can be a simple task if you’re at our office furniture shop. In addition to this, many cabinet products also have several extra functionalities such as lock mechanisms and full fireproofing to ensure everything inside is secure and safe for you. Top quality, durable and affordable products are included in our vast inventory and you can pick them from our website just on a click.

    Library Shelving


    Whether you have to store your important files or some random things, steel lockers come in handy at the workplace to store anything safely and neatly. If you are planning to repurchase steel lockers for your office, there are many things you need to look after for a good purchase, and not every time you get what you were actually looking for, but we have a solution. Why not customize your steel locker according to your space and requirement? Rigid Industries, the steel lockers manufacturer in UAE, provides the best-quality office lockers to store your essential item neatly and safely.

    At Rigid Industries, we use the best material for the manufacturing of the lockers and make sure that everything from handles to its locks is of top-notch quality. Whether you want lockers with more compartments or with more hanging space, you can customize the lockers according to your requirements and office space. So many times, it happens that we find the right locker, but it does not fit into its designated area in the office, but with us, you can easily customize it to fit into space. With several options available to choose from in steel lockers, you can easily the right locker for your office at an affordable price at our site.

    Office Cupboard

    Apply warmth to the workplace environment and a futuristic feel with Rigid Industries. Adoring your office with an amazing collection of steel office cabinets & cupboards in Dubai would give your workspace a whole new sense. Some of the special attributes that come with it are elegant, streamlined, robust, and low maintenance. Built for excellence, they also deliver simple installation in accordance with the corporate culture. It is powerful and sleek and serves to make your life simpler with versatility. No wonder it’s a common option, so many corporate offices.

    We have a collection of steel office filing cabinets & cupboards to choose from according to your office requirements. This collection includes full height and low height, single and double door, plain, and curved, with steel and glass doors and many more.

    To arrange all your things, these cupboards are ergonomically built with thick sheet metal of prime quality. These steel cupboards are equipped with multiple shelves, will never annoy you with its storage crush. What’s more, in the lock and key area, you can easily organize your important documents. These cupboards’ grey hue fits in well with your office interior. These cupboards are sure to add a reminiscent feel to your workplace with a quick installation.

    Tambour Door Cupboard