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Vertical Gardens

Vertical Garden Systems For A Greener Future

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A vertical garden? Seems like the world has finally understood that there isn’t any modernization without a green pop in the background! So now technologists have developed a system that is used to develop plants on a vertically standing board by utilizing hydroponics.

These interesting structures can either be unsupported or connected to a divider. Vertical gardens have been utilized since the longest time in history, hanging gardens of Babylon are a great example! These man-made gardens are a huge transformation in the green industry since these (replace it with these) are not limited to outdoors but can also be a classic option to revamp and revitalise the interiors.

The concept of vertical garden systems is a perfect fit in the urban setting and this is the reason why people are now replacing the old pot plants with these vertical green systems. Though the pots can be placed anywhere, these aren’t flexible enough to be shrunk and occupy larger space.

You can set these magnificent green walls in lodging entryways, significant partnership homes, offices, or even in a little private patio. Vertical gardens look great, yet will likewise cause you to feel progressively good in your condition by taking advantage of nature’s inborn quieting powers. As we move towards creating a sustainable industrial world, these garden systems are an effort to bring Homo sapiens closer to nature.

What goes in the vertical gardening?

For Interiors: Ficus, repens, pilea, and calathea being the most mainstream plant species utilized in green walls. While for exteriors most people prefer moss and wines.
A much natural way to fill colours into your space.

Why a vertical garden?

While the urbanites might think vertical gardens as one of their cute green pop showpieces, these are the need of the hour. Apart from being a beautiful focal point and a part of your decor, vertical gardens play a huge role in the purification of air around you! These are the new generation air guards! Hang them on a wall or let them dangle from your balcony. To add that rustic charm in your surroundings, let the vertical garden rest on a deck.

Vertical Garden Systems-A Step Towards the Greener Future

Vertical Green Insider

  • These green walls of nature can beautify your shy wall!
  • If you have less room to roam and need veggies and flowers, this concept is for you!
  • Save up on your electricity bill and be cool with a cool green effect.

We term it as a living sculpture! 

As we move towards sustainable development, vertical gardens are a revolution brought by architects and technologists and these are now being incorporated in designs in a very modernizing manner. What was once considered to be a hurdle in creating optimized designs of residential and commercial use is now being a part of it.

The awareness of this upcoming green culture has created a stir worldwide and it is gaining popularity as a trend, a living green decor need.

The ease of installing and maintaining this concept of vertical gardens has inculcated in the minds of people. Moreover, it has brought a shift in the perception of greenery being an obstacle in creating conventional spaces.

There are multiple choices, multiple patterns and multiple ways to go green within the vicinity of vertical garden systems. It is a complete rehaul of the plant decor industry and architectural design. If we go a little back in time, planting greenery was more of a liability as it was believed that workspaces cannot devote a significant amount of space in placing pots and dealing with the dirt.

Now, workspaces are adopting the green concept with much enthusiasm and carry a zeal to explore what’s there in the green?

Go ahead, see and explore the designs and styles being developed in the industry of vertical gardens.

Choose from tons of ranges that suit your home or workspace decor. Create an aesthetic vibe with these breathing walls of green!

A cute fact!

A new, picture art fashion coming up in the interior designing is of hanging your favourite picture frames either with photos or work of arts on the green wall! The whole idea of it is creative, cooler and above all greener! People are actually replacing the traditional printed walls and putting up the vertical gardens instead and what else can be more authentic? Especially when you can design the green walls at your will with different patterns, colours, and styles!

The west seems to be pacing up with this concept already as the global realization of greenery being devastated has struck humans. Take your step towards a healthier environment and upgrade your space with vertical garden hanging systems.

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